A Cuming County-Wide Housing Study is being conducted and will include an analysis on population, income, economic and housing trends and projections, as well as highlight County-wide housing target demands and available local, State and Federal funding sources to be utilized in the development of new and rehabilitation of existing housing units throughout the County.

This County-Wide Housing Study includes the implementation of both a “Citizen Housing Survey” for all residents, as well as a “Workforce Housing Needs Survey” for local, selected major employers and businesses.  The Surveys will help to identify necessary housing activities to be implemented in the County and each Community, including new housing development for specific population groups and incomes, as well as housing redevelopment and rehabilitation activities.  It is critical for the Cuming County citizenry to actively participate in both Survey processes.  High public input will be extremely beneficial to Cuming County achieving both the short and long-term housing goals.

The Citizen Housing Survey and Workforce Housing Needs Survey will be made available at the link below, on our Facebook Page - City of Wisner, Nebraska, and paper copies along with completed Survey drop boxes will be made available at the Wisner City Office.   Spanish versions will only be in paper form available at the Wisner City Office.  

*All Surveys are to be completed by Wednesday, November 22nd.*

Housing (Citizen) Survey

Workforce Survey

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