Welcome to Wisner, Nebraska
Located in northeast Nebraska and nestled in the Elkhorn Valley, Wisner is home to more than 1,170 people. Wisner is served by U.S. Highway 275 and Nebraska Highway 51. The Elkhorn River borders the south edge of Wisner.

Wisner is known as the livestock center of the state. In addition to farming and livestock operations, Wisner offers a variety of recreational and shopping activities. You are invited to explore our community online or in person - everyone is welcome! 
  1. Local Government

    Get to know the Municipal and County entities that make up the governing bodies of Wisner, Nebraska.

  2. Safety

    Learn about how the Fire Department and Law Enforcement keep the community of Wisner safe on a daily basis.

  3. Utilities

    Find out how to start a new service with electric, natural gas, water and solid waste.

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  5. Job Opportunities

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